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Sex with my wife these days is getting better and better. last night after a bottle of wine between two, dressed and twilightsex jayne to bed. We were both hot. We always went to the room and jumped into bed. twilightsex She was at the top and told me to open my mouth that I did, of course. She told me to start then gradually began to spit. Very slowly, move, to make sure it landed in my nouth and not my face. Twice did this, what both of us still hot. She lowers her clit against my cock and asked me where I 'm taking the night was. I asked her where she wanted and she told him. However, he said tonight, I eat them when he came and sat on my face. , asked me and let me taste, but firmly said no. This time Jayne was responsible. With this, began to relieve my rock hard cock in her wet hole. Damn it felt good. I had not been ordered by the day of semen, so desperately needed to catch. Then he went to the city for me. I was there and never really had drawn very well. She was amazing. This girl was fast becoming my goddess. After a while I knew it was coming. More and more cum in his own semen in my food again. However, I would have a major impact on this occasion. I was prepared for it, God, I was not sure. This made ​​me more and I knew that no matter if I was willing, because she was fucking me and they wanted to know if I have done or not. She was encouraging, cum baby, cum now. Damn I could feel close to her forever. I was like I had never moan. She was totally on me, and I could not do anything. I was at his mercy and loving every minute of it! was not running, I felt that the building and the massive release. Hell, I cried. Jayne was fucking me good. I came and came. I struggled for air. The need to eat that I have to leave, as I knew it was going to do. However, without notice, Jayne moved. Moved up to me and all I saw was moving her pussy to me. Cum it dripped on my shoulder, my twilightsex chest, my heart pounding and I was difficult to remove. He pulled her pussy over my mouth and my tongue just before you reach the outside of the light trapped cum now dripping from her soon. Then it got dark. I was suffocated by her pussy like it was filmed with real passion. At first, I could feel was soft cum twilightsex mixed with her juices, then wine. I have a very large deposit sperm right in her mouth, I swallowed everything and licked and sucked, we all want. God, I knew great. I was rewarded with another wave of my own juices. I twilightsex had him in my mouth a little, I liked his mouth full. After a while I swallowed again. To my surprise, before I can no longer, I pulled Jayne. I must admit I was very upset. I stood there stunned at what just happened. Jayne laughed and kissed me. I hope this is part of our twilightsex sexual life, which often occurs. I am a very lucky man !
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